diabetic center

Living with diabetes can feel like a puzzle. Fortunately, help is as close as your Giant Pharmacy. With expert advice and hands-on assistance, our pharmacists help make the pieces fit.

Pharmacist providing diabetes information to customer.

  • Many of our pharmacists are specially trained in diabetes care, so they’re equipped to help you learn how to use glucose meters, understand test results, and choose appropriate over-the-counter medications. Ask about Diabetes Management Classes in your local store.
  • We carry a full line of diabetic testing supplies along with the shortest, thinnest insulin syringes and pen needles available.
  • We bill Medicare for all national brand test strips, as well as CareOne brand, so you’ll pay the same Medicare copay as you would through any mail order pharmacy.
  • Plus, for those patients without Medicare, we offer an exclusive discount on Care1 Premium Test Strips that lowers (or even eliminates) copays. Ask a Pharmacist for details.
Nutritionists are also available in select locations for consultation about dietary considerations with diabetes.

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