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August 18, 2015

Jamie Miller
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Giant Food Shares Healthy, Time-Saving Tips to Help Customers with Back to School Meals

Landover, Md. (August 17, 2015) In anticipation of the “Back to School” rush, Giant Food of Landover, Md. is offering quick and easy meal solutions to help its busy customers. Giant’s certified in-store nutritionists share healthy and affordable meal-planning ideas to ensure shoppers are making the best choices for their family’s health.

Back to School Meal Tips

  • Plan your meals: Back to school is a hectic time for everyone, so if we fail to plan, we plan to fail! Set a bit of time aside on the weekends to pull out a few recipes which include a lean source of protein, whole grains and a lot of color. Check out these Chicken Tacos with Cabbage, Avocado Salsa and Lime Cream from Giant’s new Savory magazine. The entire family will love them!
    • Extra tip: Save your dinner leftovers for next day’s lunches. Have leftover grilled chicken? Great. Chop it up along with some veggies and roll in into a whole wheat tortilla for a great easy-to-eat chicken veggie wrap.
  • Breakfast prepared with ease: Mini frittatas are a convenient breakfast recipe that you can prepare once on the weekend and enjoy all week long. Mix together your favorite veggies, low fat cheese and eggs; pour into muffin tins and bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Simply reheat in the microwave on busy mornings and pair with a piece of fruit or whole wheat toast.
  • Place color in the lunchboxes: Gone are the days when “color,” fruits and vegetables, only appeared on your plate at dinner. To get the recommended five to nine servings of these powerhouse foods we need to introduce “color” at all meals. Add a couple of new and different fruits and veggies into the kids’ lunchboxes and meals each week. If we don’t offer, how will they try new foods?
  • Make snacks healthier without hearing complaints: Who doesn’t love a good chip or cracker? Purchase Beanitos chips, Kashi crackers or Boom Chicka Pop popcorn. These snacks are delicious and on the lower side of saturated fat and sodium and high on fiber. Look for high fiber snacks containing 3g or more of dietary fiber per serving.
    • Extra snack tip: No need to pre-portion snacks anymore. Did you know that hummus now comes in individual containers? Look for it in the produce department along with pre-cut bell peppers or individually packed baby carrots. Pair them for a high-energy snack.
  • Include protein at all meals and snacks: It’s challenging for our kids to perform at their best when their stomachs are rumbling. Pair a lean source of protein, like hard-boiled eggs, chicken or turkey, nuts and seeds or Greek yogurt with those high fiber foods for brainpower throughout the day.
  • Get moving and don’t forget to focus on you: The kids are back at school and extracurricular activities are underway. As parents, we tend to focus mainly on our kids at this time of year. Begin the school year with a renewed focus on yourself, not just the kids. Place “yourself” in your calendar or smart phone on the days you intend to get some exercise. We should all be aiming to exercise 30 minutes a day five times a week to stay healthy.

For more great meal ideas and recipes, pick up the latest edition of Giant’s Savory Fast, Fresh and Easy™ magazine during your next trip to the store, download the free app for your Apple, Android, Kindle or Windows device or explore the Savory recipes at

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