Coupon Policy

Giant Food will be making the following change to our coupon policy effective May 1, 2018.

  • Only One basket Offer accepted per order. These are coupons that offer a specific value off the end of the order.
  • Only 4 like Manufacturer coupons will be accepted per day. These coupons provide customers a value on a specific manufactured item.
  • Internet Coupons up to $5 will be accepted - no free items

  • General Coupon Policy

    • Only 1 manufacturer's coupon may be redeemed per item; No substitutions are allowed.
    • The exact item stated on the coupon be must be purchased in order to redeem the coupon.
    • Coupons cannot be redeemed after the expiration date stated on the coupon.
    • The total redemption value of the coupon may not exceed the retail value of the item purchased.
    • Any coupons for "free" products will be honored for the value of the item only. "Free" coupons cannot be doubled or tripled.
    • Printed Manufacturer coupons may be redeemed on damaged or discontinued merchandise that has been reduced. Digital Coupons are excluded.
    • Smartsource coupons cannot be doubled or tripled.
    • Product specific Checkout Coupons cannot be doubled or tripled.
    • Product specific Checkout Coupons cannot be used with any other manufacturers' coupons for the same item.
    • Non-product specific store Checkout Coupons can be used with another manufacturers' coupon. For example: a customer may use a coupon for "50¢ off any Produce item" and a manufacturers' coupon on the same item.

    Digital Coupon Policy

    • Customers who choose to participate in the Digital Coupon program are required to have an on-line account with a valid, active Giant Card.
    • After digital coupons are loaded, they will automatically be applied to a Customer’s total purchase prior to paper coupons or any other discounts, as long as the qualifying product(s) are purchased using the same Giant Card the coupons were loaded to.
    • Digital coupons cannot be added back or removed once the Giant Card has been scanned.
    • Digital coupons have an expiration date that is communicated on the website.
    • Digital coupons will not double or triple.
    • Digital coupons can only be loaded and redeemed one time per household.
    • Digital coupons cannot be combined with Manufacturer’s paper coupons on the purchase of the same item.
    • If more than one digital coupon is loaded for the same product, the best value will be redeemed at checkout.
    • We do not accept coupons presented via a mobile phone or device.

    Double Coupon Policy

    • We double the savings marked on manufacturers' cents-off coupons up to 99¢. Any coupon $1 and over will be redeemed at face value of the item purchased. In cases where the double coupon total exceeds the value of the item, the offer is limited to the retail price. Lottery tickets, cigarettes, tax and items prohibited by law are excluded.
    • You may double a maximum of 4 identical manufacturers' coupons. For example: If a customer purchased five boxes of Cheerios and presented 4 manufacturers' coupons for 50 cents, the first four coupons would be doubled to $1. The fifth coupon will no longer be accepted. The max is 4.

    Competitor's Coupons

    • Giant will continue to accept competitor's coupons, with the exception of coupons for Club Stores (BJ's, Costco and Sam's), for products, provided the customer has met the purchase requirements as stated on the face of the coupon. We do not honor manufacturer's coupons that state that they are only redeemable at a specific retailer. Also, if a competitor coupon is for an item that does not indicate a size, we will only match it for an item size that both Giant and the competitor carry. We do not honor point promotions or continuity programs.

    Internet Coupons

    • We do accept Internet coupons unless we are notified of fraudulent activity involving specific Internet coupons.
    • Internet coupons up to $5 will be accepted - no free items

    Coupons On Gift Card Purchases

    • Giant Food does not accept coupons of any type for the purchase of gift cards.

    *We reserve the right to limit quantities.