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We are committed to providing our customers, employees, and community with up-to-date information on how we are working to make shopping as easy and safe as possible. Check this page for regular updates.

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News From Our Leadership

Stay informed on our policies and updates that impact your shopping and safety.

Store Updates: Hours & More

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Store Updates: Hours & More

To keep our customers and employees safe, we have made key changes to our store hours.


See answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from our customers.

For Delaware store shoppers (as of April 2, 2020):
Delaware now requires grocery stores to limit the number of people inside at all times.

Using building occupancy numbers determined by the state fire marshal, stores are now required to limit customers to:
  • 20% of maximum occupancy at all times, and;
  • 10% of maximum occupancy during shopping hours for seniors, immunocompromised people, and their caregivers

To comply with this state order, Giant associates will now monitor entrances and exits to track how many customers are in the store at all times and admit customers as permitted. These limits encourage safe social distancing and allow us to keep up with required cleaning and disinfecting regimens.

Signs and other measures will be put in place to encourage customers to remain 6 feet apart at all times, especially in line.

More questions? Someone in our contact center would be happy to help.
Call 1-888-469-4426
M-F 8am - 7pm ET | Sat 8am - 5pm ET | Closed Sundays

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