COVID-19 FAQs for Giant Food

Updated 4.2.20

1. Why is Giant Food out of stock on some items?

Due to the impact of COVID-19, we have never experienced this kind of demand for the products we are selling. Manufacturers have instituted nationwide limitations on a number of products, which has prevented us from getting enough to meet demand in certain cases. As with other retailers, keeping our shelves stocked has been a challenge in the past few weeks and our Associates and suppliers are working around the clock to fill our shelves back up. We restock daily and depending on customer’s needs, we may run out of items. We sincerely thank you for your patience as work through ways to ensure we have enough product to meet the demand.

2. Does Giant Food limit the number of key products (toilet paper, hand sanitizer, etc.) people can buy?

Although we are restocking shelves all day, every day, due to unprecedented demand, we have had difficulty keeping some products in stock. Manufacturers have instituted nationwide limitations on a number of products, which has prevented us from getting enough to meet demand in certain cases. We currently do have limits in place for many items and we are asking customers to shop responsibly, buy what they need and respect the policies posted in Giant Food stores.

3. What is Giant Food’s policy on refunds, returns and rain checks?

To best serve our customers at this time, we are unable to accept refunds, returns or issue rain checks. All sales are final.

4. Giant Food recently announced special hours for customers 60+, but does that include anyone vulnerable?

Effective March 20th, all Giant Food locations began offering dedicated shopping hours for both senior citizen (aged 60 and over) AND individuals with compromised immune systems. Every store will reserve 6:00-7:00 AM every day of the week for this population to shop and practice social distancing. The stores will operate on regular hours of operation during all other times. We continue to work on restocking our shelves and will be ready to serve to the best of our ability.

5. Is Giant Food controlling the number of people entering during special shopping hours?

Giant Food is not taking specific measures in terms of crowd control. We have intentionally made special hours available to certain population groups available every day to better enable social distancing and to reduce the number of people in-store versus making them available only one or two days per week. It’s also important to note that our stores usually receive deliveries several times each day, so our shelves are being replenished at regular intervals.

6. What are you doing to keep your stores clean and safe?

Giant Food has robust store cleaning and sanitizing procedures in place, and we have increased our efforts so you can continue to shop with confidence. We are giving heightened attention to sanitizing and disinfecting high-touch areas, such as checkout stations, conveyor belts and transaction pin pads. In addition to customer health and safety, we are focused on keeping our associates safe and healthy too, providing them with regular tips and guidance from the CDC and local health officials on healthy workplace habits.

7. Are you taking any precautions with your associates?

Giant Food is committed to putting the safety of each associate at the highest priority, and providing them with updated direction and guidance from the CDC and local health officials on healthy workplace habits.

We are working to ensure our associates have items like disinfecting wipes, gloves and hand sanitizers to use at work to help keep themselves and customers healthy and will update store policies based on guidance from the CDS and health organizations.

8. How can I best reach a Giant associate to assist with any other COVID-19 questions I may have?

Giant Food has personnel standing by to share answers to your important questions. We ask that for questions related to common topics like below, that you visit for regular updates.

  • Updated store hours
  • Cleaning and procedures
  • What we are doing to restock

However, if additional support is requested, you can talk in person by reaching our Customer Contact Center at 888-469-4426, open Monday–Friday 8am–7pm and Saturdays 8am–5pm EST.

9. What is Giant’s policy on reusable bags in the current environment?

Giant Food’s priority is the health and safety of our customers and employees alike. At this time, store associates will not bag customers’ orders in reusable bags that are brought into the store, unless the customer buys the reusable bag(s) at the time of checkout. Otherwise, if reusable bags are brought by customers, our associates will present the customer with the choice of either allowing the customer to bag their own items in the reusable bags, or the associate can bag the groceries using store provided plastic bags (and if desired, the customer can then put the bagged groceries in their reusable bags at that time).

Giant Food is not banning the use of reusable bags, but in the current health conditions, this is the best way to promote safe contact practices.

10. Are Giant Pickup (or Giant Delivers) service impacted?

For current updates related to Giant Pickup or Giant Delivers, please visit for updated information on any impact to schedules, policies and availability, or contact 800-573-2763, open Sun–Sat 6am–10pm CST.