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*Consultations by appointment. $25 for a one hour session. Fee is refunded in the form of a $25 Giant gift card.

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Our Programs

Healthy Kids Tour

These free, hands-on tours help kids learn about making healthy choices through good nutrition. Our guided stores tours take kids grades 1-5 throughout our grocery aisles to discover heathy items.

To schedule a tour please call your local Giant and request to speak with a manager.

Guiding Stars

Guiding Stars is a nutrition guidance program to help you quickly navigate to foods with the most nutritional value. Just look for the stars as you shop!

Guiding Stars is an objective, evidence-based, nutrition guidance program. The system rates foods as good, better or best to give consumers at-a-glance advice: the more stars a food earns, the more nutritious it is.

Learn More

Guiding Stars helps consumers quickly navigate to foods with the most nutritional value. Products are assigned 1, 2, or 3 Stars, based on their nutritional content. A higher Star rating means the item contains more beneficial nutrients overall, and has fewer nutrients that are best to avoid. With over 100,000 rated foods, making nutritious choices for you and your family is now simple.

Based on the scientific consensus and informed by national or international policy, Guiding Stars has offered transparent and relevant nutritional guidance since 2006. Keep a lookout for the Stars on shelf tags throughout the store! If you don’t see a rating, no worries; not all products meet the Guiding Stars’ criteria to earn a Star rating.

Nutrition At Noon

Join our nutritionists for 15 minutes a day and some Q&A! Our new daily web series will give you something to snack on every day. Airs Monday-Friday at noon.


Upcoming Schedule:

Monday 4/6/20
Hydrate to Feel Great with Leslie

Tuesday 4/7/20
Afternoon Snack Ideas with Kristen

Wednesday 4/8/20
No Gym Required -Tips for Exercising from Home with George

Thursday 4/9/20
Tips for Cooking with Kids with Lindsay

Friday 4/10/20
Meatless Meals - Cooking with Beans with Josefina


Webinars and Online Classes

Join your Giant nutritionist for a live webinar from your laptop or mobile device!


Healthy Eating on a Budget: Breakfast for $1.50 a serving

I’ll admit that I’m not always good about eating breakfast, but it’s typically because I’m pressed for time. On days when I plan, I feel full and satisfied. On days that I don’t, well, I either go hungry or a make a pit stop on the way to work. This is where it gets tricky–most of those breakfast foods aren’t healthy or cheap.

Odds are your morning purchase will cost between $5 and $8, depending on your coffee order. Instead, let’s save a few bucks with my favorite fast and easy breakfasts that are balanced, tasty, and budget-friendly.

First: Smoothies

Smoothies are great because they can be made in less than 3 minutes. If you’re even more pressed for time, you can take them with you! They’re perfect for all ages and can be made single-serve in a Magic Bullet or in a blender for the entire family. Each recipe makes one serving.

Tips: Substitute juice or water for milk if you prefer. You can also add a scoop of protein powder to an adult’s smoothie–vanilla in the fruit/vegetable version or chocolate in the peanut butter version. This adds $.50-$1 per breakfast, but it’s a great option for upping your daily protein consumption.

Next: Oatmeal

This whole grain choice can be eaten hot or cold and is a great way to get heart-healthy fiber in your diet. It’s also fast and portable when you use recycled jelly jars or containers. Overnight oats can be made the night before or several days in advance. For hot oats, measure out your dry ingredients and nut butter in advance and just add hot water and milk when you are ready to eat!

Tips: When I make overnight oats, I like to grab a flavored yogurt and add fruits and toppings that match. For example, I’ll combine apples + pecans + sprinkle of cinnamon for a flavor like apple pie. For hot oatmeal, I’ll take a premade jar to work and use the Keurig machine – just add water, stir, and eat! You can even use the creamer at the coffee station if you forget the milk. (No shame, I may or may not have done this in the past. Deduct $0.15 per serving if you do this.)

Last, but never least: Egg Cups

Sometimes you just need a savory meal in the morning and only a classic breakfast food like eggs will do. Make these egg cups in advance and just toss them in the microwave to reheat. Recipe serves 4 at 2 egg cups per serving.

Tips: You can add ½ cup diced lean ham to up the protein on this meal (add $0.20). If you are craving a breakfast sandwich, grab a whole wheat English muffin, mini bagel, or wrap (add $0.30-$0.80). There you have it! These five fast and easy breakfast ideas have nearly limitless variations—all for $1.50 or less per serving.

Mandy is a registered dietitian and in-store nutritionist for Giant who is passionate about showing people how to eat healthy (and deliciously) on a budget. As a mom of two teenage boys she knows firsthand how difficult it can be to stay on budget, keep it interesting, AND keep it healthy-ish. Let Mandy check prices and create a plan that will satisfy your taste buds, your wallet, and your schedule. In her Healthy on a Budget series, she will convince you that it’s NOT “too expensive” to eat well.

Mandy Katz


2145 York Road,
Timonium, MD

To schedule an individual consultation,
call: (410) 308-9791

Nutrition Made Easy!™

Whether you’re curious about certain foods and diets, trying to eat better, or just want to know more about how food affects your health and wellness, this podcast is for you. It’s hosted by Giant nutritionist and registered dietitian Mandy Katz and features guest appearances by other members of Giant’s nutritionist team!

If you’re struggling with a recent diagnosis, look for our podcasts on eating for better health. They will provide you with facts you need to know to achieve your health goals. If you’re a foodie, you’ll love our podcasts on the latest food trends, products and topics. They tackle the biggest questions and the latest trends surrounding food with a healthy-ish twist.

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