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Grab & Go Meals

Our new selection of Grab & Go sandwiches, salads, and snacks have been completely reworked to have bolder flavors, better ingredients, and more variety! Find them all in the deli of your local store.


Tuna Salad Sandwich

Creamy tuna salad is topped with green leaf lettuce and fresh tomato and served on our mutli-grain bread.  

Egg Salad Sandwich

Our Multi-grain bread is perct for egg salad sandwiches. We even add greens and tomato in each bite! 

Turkey & Cheddar Sandwich

There's nothing basic about our turkey and cheese sandwich. We added crisp green leaves and tomato to top off our multi-grain bread. 

Caprese on Focaccia

Our Italian focaccia bread is topped with a delicious kale and basil spread, fresh sliced mozzarella and roasted tomatoes.  

Turkey & Bacon Ciabatta

Your go-to turkey sandwich just got better! We added white Cheddar, bacon and roasted tomato chipotle ranch dressing all piled into a ciabatta roll.  


Chef Salad

Perfect for lunch or dinner, our Chef Salad is filled with crisp greens and crunchy cucumbers, fresh tomatoes, sliced ham and turkey, shredded Swiss and Cheddar cheeses and finished off with a hard boiled egg and creamy buttermilk ranch dressing.  

Greek Style Salad

Visit the Greek Islands from home or work when you combine the classic Greek flavors found in this delicious salad!  Sliced pepperoncini is combined with feta cheese, cucumber, tomato, red onion, Kalamata olives and chickpeas then mixed with a Greek vinaigrette dressing.  

Southwest Style Salad

With this salad there is no need to travel to enjoy your favorite Southwest flavors! Grilled chicken breast, black beans, fire roasted corn and grape tomatoes are combined with chopped bacon, Cheddar cheese and tortilla chips. Our jalapeño ranch dressing  completes this inspired salad.

Chicken Caesar Salad

Our classic Chicken Caesar Salad pairs chopped romaine with grilled chicken breast, shredded Parmesan cheese and crunchy garlic croutons, topped off with our creamy Caesar dressing.  

Cobb Salad

Grilled chicken breast, chopped bacon and a hardboiled egg are served on top of a blend of iceberg and romaine lettuce with grape tomatoes and crunchy matchstick carrots and cucumber. Finished off with blue cheese crumbles and dressing, this salad has it all!  


Cheese & Egg Protein Snack Tray

Keep your body full with this perfect protein-packed snack tray full of Cheddar cheese cubes, red apple slices, peanut butter, multigrain muesli pita and a hard-boiled egg.

Turkey & Cheese Snack Tray

Thick sliced roasted turkey it paired with crunchy pretzels, Colby Jack cheese cubes and red grapes. This snack tray is perfect to grab after school or work - or bring it with a salad for a quick and easy lunch!

Bagel Snack Tray

No time for a breakfast wrap or omelet?! Grab our breakfast bagel snack tray to get you going first thing! Packed with sliced red apples, a mini bagel, cream cheese and red grapes. And don't forget your hardboiled egg, we added that too!

Turkey Bites & Cheese

Smokey turkey bites are paired with white Cheddar cubes, baby carrots and Greek yogurt ranch for dipping, making this the perfect addition for an on-the-go lunch or snack!

Fruit & Cheese

Our Fruit & Cheese tray is perfect for sharing!  Crostini crackers, Gouda and Cheddar cheese are paired with grapes and apple slices.  Or you could keep it all for yourself, we won't tell!

Hummus & Pita Snack Tray

Our Hummus & Pita snack tray gives you all of our favorite dippers in one convenient grab-and-go solution! Pita rounds, carrots, tomatoes and cucumbers are all packaged together with an individual hummus dipping cup. A perfect and portable lunch box solution!

Pepperoni and Cheese Cup

Looking for an afternoon pick-me-up?  Pick up this pre-packed snacking cup has white Cheddar cheese, pepperoni and crackers to keep you going until dinner.