GUM Crayola Twistables Toothbrush Soft

GUM Crayola Twistables Toothbrush Soft

1 ct pkg


Twist up the fun! Toothbrush holder. Gum Crayola Twistables Toothbrush, a fun way to brush with a twist. Just twist the Green bottom knob clockwise to extend the brush head. Colored center bristles guide the correct amount of toothpaste. Antibacterial bristles help keep brush clean between uses (Antibacterial bristles contain silver zinc). Soft bristles with Dome-Trim bristle design for better plaque removal. When done brushing, just twist the bottom knob counterclockwise and store the toothbrush in the holder upside down. The holder also works as a cap when on-the-go. Gum brand is recommended by Dental Professionals.

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Sunstar Americas, Inc.