Sweet Creations Cake Pop Press

Sweet Creations Cake Pop Press

5 ct pkg


Cake Pop Press.


Sweet Creations® Cake Pop Press. By good cook. It's easy as: 1. Mix. 2. Press. 3. Dip! Top rack dishwasher safe. Design patent D687,681S. Satisfaction Guarantee. Find recipes at: www.sweetcreations.com.

How-To: Cake Pop. Tip: You can use any flavor cake mix and frosting you prefer. Styrofoam works great as cake pop cooling tool and wax paper keeps chocolate from sticking to surface. 1. In a large bowl finely crumble cooled cake (we recommend using a food processor) add 1/2 to 3/4 tub frosting, and mix well. 2. Place in fridge to chill for several hours (you can speed up the process by putting it in the freezer). 3. Roll mix by hand into slightly larger balls than the cavities in the press. Place balls into the "fill this side" of the mold and firmly press down. 4. Open press and remove overflow. Keep press open and dip cake pop stick in melted chocolate and insert half way into cake pop. (This acts as tasty edible glue). 5. Allow chocolate to cool and carefully remove cake pop from press, dip into chocolate. (Can add oil to thin chocolate). 6. Tap off chocolate until you see desired detail. Decorate your heart out and enjoy!

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