Betty Crocker Birthday Candles Musical (Plays Happy Birthday)

Betty Crocker Birthday Candles Musical (Plays Happy Birthday)

3 ct pkg


Warning: Burn within sight. Keep away from flammable material. Keep away from children and pets. Extinguish candle before throwing away.


3 birthday candles 3 in (7.6 cm). 1 musical candle base. Plays happy birthday. Consumer Inquiries: 1-877-726-8793.

See back panel for safety information. Add a fun musical touch to all your birthday celebrations. 1. Turn top of base toward on position. Place candle on cake, cupcake, etc. then light. 2. Tune will play continuously happy birthday to you until top of base is turned toward off position. 3. Candle may be reused if kept intact and stored in a cool and dry place. Candle must be completely extinguished and cool before storing. 4. Wipe plastic base with damp cloth to clean. Do not submerge base into water.

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