Sweet Creations OodleTip Shell Decorating Bags

Sweet Creations OodleTip Shell Decorating Bags

4 ct pkg


Sweet Creations® OodleTip® Shell Decorating Bags. By Good Cook. Simply cut to customize tip size & shape. Disposable decorating bag with attached tip. No need to change tip, just cut for a variety of shapes and sizes. No mess, no fuss! 4 OodleTip® Shell Decorating Bags. 12 In bags. For more ideas and how to videos www.bonnosh.com.

How To Use Bags: Fill bag with icing using an icing spatula. Close bag by twisting the bag dosed. Snip the tip of the bag with kitchen shears at desired length to customise for the right job. When you're done just toss the bag. No mess, no fuss! Fill. Bag with your favorite frosting or food filling. Cut. Tip at desired length to customize the size and shape. Decorate. Squeeze to decorate or fill toss bag when done!

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