Sweet Creations Cupcake Decorating Kit

Sweet Creations Cupcake Decorating Kit

12 ct pkg


12" Decorating Bags, Decorating Tips (Filling Tip, Open Tip, Closed Tip, Round Tip).


Sweet Creations® Cupcake Decorating Kit. Sweet Creations® - By Good Cook. Perfect for filling & decorating cupcakes. Pieces included: 8 Decorating Bags - 12". 4 Decorating Tips: Filling tip. Open star tip. Closed star tip. Round tip. Find more recipes at: www.goodcook.com.

How to Use Kit: To use bag cut about 3/4" off the tip of the bag. Drop tip into the bag so that 1/2 of the tip is exposed. For larger tips, trim the bag until the tip fits. To fill bag with icing open the large end of bag and fold over your hand. Fill bag with 1/2 cup of icing using an icing spatula. Close bag by unfolding and twisting the bag closed. When finished, remove the tip and dispose of the bag. Wash and reuse the tips for your next fun decorating project!

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