Gevalia Kaffe French Dark Roast Coffee (Ground)

Gevalia Kaffe French Dark Roast Coffee (Ground)

20 oz bag

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100% Arabica Coffee.


Full-bodied, intensely dark, and complex. Est. 1853. A rich, never bitter coffee experience Gevalia has been refining the art of expertly crafted coffee since 1853 when our journey began in the small port town of Gavle, Sweden. Discover our 150-year pursuit of perfecting an exceptionally rich, never bitter taste. French roast: Satisfy your taste for adventure and awaken your senses with the globally inspired Gevalia Kaffe Colombia. A part of the heritage collection, Gevalia Kaffe French roast is a premium coffee, made from prized arabica beans from the world's great coffee regions and roasted to perfection. The pleasantly smoky, dark fruit notes and intensity make for a wonderfully complex brew. Heritage Collection: Bring something unexpected to your everyday routine with handcrafted blends that celebrate the Swedish tradition and our 150-year pursuit of coffee perfection. Cafe Creations: Create your own coffee shop experience at home with a luscious assortment of cafe-style beverages and rich flavors, expertly crafted to tempt and delight. Passport Collection: Explore the world sip-by-sip with a line of regionally sourced coffee from around the globe, expertly crafted to satisfy your taste for adventure. Special Reserve: Behold the most coveted beans and blends of all time. From the pure to the precious to prized, these are the coffees you'll never forget. Visit us at or call us at 1-888-496-0021 to discover more about our exceptional blends.

For the perfect cup: To brew a delicious Gevalia cup at home, we recommend 1 slightly rounded tablespoon of ground coffee for each 6 fl oz cup of cold, filtered water. Adjust the recipe to suit your taste. Store: Keep the unused coffee in a cool, dry place. Open: Unfold the closure tabs, unroll the top and pull the bag apart. Close: Squeeze out the air, roll down the bag and fold the closure tabs.

Country of Origin

Founded In Sweden.,USA


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