Five Star Strong Coffee Mess Hall Joe House Blend (Ground)

Five Star Strong Coffee Mess Hall Joe House Blend (Ground)

12 oz pkg


Coffee is sensitive to heat, light, moisture and oxygen, so be aware of its surroundings.


Five Star Strong Ground Coffee Mess Hall Joe House Blend. 12 oz 340 g.

Here's how to make a pot of coffee that lives up to its Five Star Strong name: Always start with fresh, pure, cold water. Use one tablespoon of ground coffee for each 6oz cup of coffee that you intend to serve. Remember, coffee is personal: For your perfect cup, add more or less coffee to satisfy your taste. Coffee can bring out your creative side - craft your own signature flavor by blending different varieties together. To keep your coffee fresh and flavorful after opening this package, your coffee should be stored at room temperature in an airtight dark container.


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