Gevalia Majestic Roast Ground Coffee Bold

Gevalia Majestic Roast Ground Coffee Bold

12 oz bag

Quick Facts



100% Arabica Coffee.


Founded in Gavle Sweden Est. 1853. Dark. Intense. Strong. Release the aroma. Release the aroma. Founded in Gavle, Sweden, Gevalia is renowned for quality and craft. 100% Arabica beans are carefully slow roasted and snap cooled to lock in their full flavor and aroma. Perfectly cared for coffee, so you can enjoy the perfect cup. Majestic Roast: Distinctively bold and enticingly dark with a strong, full-bodied flavor and a rich finish. Visit us at www.Gevalia.Com or call us at 1.888.496.0021. To discover more about our exceptional blends.

For The Perfect Cup: To brew a delicious Gevalia cup at home, we recommend 1 slightly rounded tablespoon of ground coffee for each 6-fl oz cup of cold filtered water. Adjust the measures to suit your taste. Then, take in the aroma and awaken your senses. Store: Keep the unused coffee in a cool, dry place. Open: Unfold the closure tabs, unroll the top and pull the bag apart. Close: Squeeze out the air, roll down the bag and fold the closure tabs.

Country of Origin

Founded In Sweden.,Sweden,USA


Gevalia Kaffe LLC