Folgers Classic Roast Coffee Singles - 19 ct

Folgers Classic Roast Coffee Singles - 19 ct

3 oz box

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Folgers Coffee Singles® Classic Roast Coffee Bags. Freshly brewed by the cup. 19 single servings. Mild, medium, med-dark, dark. Punch in and pull out. Place box on this end. A freshly brewed cup every time. Folgers Coffee Singles® coffee bags are specially designed to brew right in your cup. Each single-serving coffee bag is made with 100% pure Mountain Grown® coffee and individually wrapped for rich, flavorful taste and aroma. Enjoy the rich taste and aroma of Folgers® wherever you are. Perfectly portable and easy to use, you can brew and enjoy a single cup of Folgers coffee anywhere. At home, in your car, camping, at a picnic... wherever life takes you. 100% pure coffee. A blend of ground and concentrated coffees. Questions? 1-800-937-9745. ©/® The Folger Coffee Company.

Instructions: Standard and microwave: 1. Remove bag from pouch and place one bag into a 6 to 8 fluid ounce cup. 2. Add boiling water. Let sit for 60 seconds. Microwave use: add cold water to cup with bag and microwave on high for 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 minutes (almost boiling)*. *Microwaves vary; times are approximate. 3. Dunk bag up and down for 15 seconds. For a stronger, more robust flavor, dunk the bag longer. Important: a dark color appears quickly, but follow the instructions above to allow the flavor to develop. Brewing time varies with cup size.

Country of Origin



The J.M. Smucker Company


Orrville, OH 44667 USA