Mayorga Cafe Cubano Dark Roast Coffee (Whole Bean) Organic

Mayorga Cafe Cubano Dark Roast Coffee (Whole Bean) Organic

12 oz bag

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Mayorga┬« Organic Cafe Cubano Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee. Bold. Smooth. Sweet. Farmer friendly. USDA Organic. Non GMO. Our story: Kerry and I started Mayorga Coffee in 1997 in an effort to support farmers and communities throughout Latin America while providing consumers with high-quality, sustainable coffees. We travel throughout Central and South America frequently and have developed long-term relationships and friendships with our farming partners. We care about their soil, their water supply, their communities, and their future generations. This is why the Mayorga brand is committed to organic coffee that we source through direct relationships, and then roast in small batches. Our family-owned and operated company is focused on personal and community growth. Our operations are focused on efficiency and environmental responsibility-from recycling to alternative energy solutions. For our customers, we push daily to ensure that we provide you a smooth, rich cup of coffee at a fair and reasonable price Sourcing principles. Direct trade: We work directly with cooperatives or family-owned and operated farms, meeting with them at least once a year. Fair pricing: We pay Fair Trade pricing or higher to ensure quality and economic sustainability. Quality: We use only Specialty-Grade Arabica Coffees that score 82 or higher on the SCAA quality scale. Environment: Our coffee is Organic Certified and Non-GMO Project Verified. Let's cultivate change! Our purpose: To empower Latin American farmers through direct market opportunities. On behalf of everyone, both here and abroad, we want to personally thank you for your support, and we invite you to reach out to us with any questions or comments at [email protected] or [email protected] 100% Arabic small-batch roasted. Hand packaged. As a child, Martin Mayorga spent time at Nicaraguan cigar factories with his father, interacting with Cuban cigar makers who had fled Castro's government in the 1960's. He recalled men playing dominos, talking about their plight in leaving their home country, and drinking a distinctly dark, syrupy coffee. Later on, when the Mayorga family moved to the U. S., Martin was able to appreciate firsthand this rich coffee while spending time with his father and other Cuban immigrants in little Havanna. Our 100% Organic Cafe Cubano is an homage to the culture and flavors that Martin still appreciates, which brings him back memories of his father and others who fled their governments to find freedom in the United States. This profile is achieved by using high-quality coffees from Latin America. Using our signature latin, slow-roasting process, we are able to achieve a distinctly bold, sweet flavor that has a surprisingly smooth finish. This coffee does not contain any ingredients from cuba, nor is an endorsement of the castro government. Certified organic by the Maryland department of agriculture.

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