Mayorga Medium Roast Coffee (Whole Bean) Organic

Mayorga Medium Roast Coffee (Whole Bean) Organic

12 oz bag

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Whole Bean Coffee Medium Roast.


Mayorga Whole Bean Coffee Medium Roast. 100% Organic. Honduras capucas. Maple, chocolate, plum. USDA Organic. Small batch roasted. Net Weight 12 oz (340 g). Hand-crafted specialty coffee since 1997. We began in 1997 working directly with small farmers and cooperatives that focus on organic, shade-grown, specialty coffees. In addition to paying fair prices for high-quality coffees and helping them address systemic inefficiencies, we help our farmers amplify their income through diversified organic crops such as chia, honey, cacao, and other organic products that grow in conjunction with coffee. Our efficient, forward-thinking and direct supply chain ensures that you are paying a price that is fair to you while our farmers are paid prices that reward them for their hard work. All the while, we get to travel all over Latin America, meet great people, and roast coffee every day. Sounds like a win-win-win! Environment: We only source and sell 100% organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, shade-grown coffees. Quality: All coffee is specialty grade, high-grown Arabica. Traceability: Every bag is traceable form the farm to our customers. Fair pricing: We always pay at least Fairtrade┬« prices or higher. Collaboration: We meet with our farmers at least twice per year. Manufactured with 100% wind energy. Non-GMO Project Verified. Certified organic by the Maryland Department of Agriculture. Have any questions or comments? Call: 877-526-3322. Email me: [email protected] Visit:


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