Etos Dual Ended Blackhead Remover 100% Stainless Steel

Etos Dual Ended Blackhead Remover 100% Stainless Steel

1 ct pkg


Etos™ Dual Ended Blackhead Remover. 100% stainless steel. We believe that looking and feeling beautiful every day helps women be more confident in whatever they encounter. Since our beginning in a small Dutch town in 1919, we've created products that European women can rely on to help them achieve effortless beauty. Now we're hoping to do the same for the very first time here in the United States. Let Etos™ make it easier for you to simply feel great every day. Quality guaranteed or your money back. 1-877-846-9949. Visit www to learn more. ©2015 Ahold Licensing Sarl.

To use: immediately after the shower while pores are open, gently place the loop over the blackhead. Press and drag the loop closer to the blackhead. If the blackhead does not pop easily, stop. Do not use force. To care: wipe after each use with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or build-up.

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