CareOne Drug Screen Test

CareOne Drug Screen Test

1 ct pkg


CareOne™ Drug Screen Test. Over 99% accurate* results in minutes. Professional grade testing device. Clear, sanitary viewing of test results. One (1) self-contained urinalysis test cup with secure lid and 12 test strip (one time use). Base on clinical patient study. 12 Drug tested Marijuana. Features: Over 99% accurate*. Quick results in only 5 minutes. Professional grade testing device. No instruments needed. Drugs tested in this kit: THC - Marijuana (50ng/ml). COC - Cocaine (300ng/ml). MET - Methamphetamine (1000ng/ml). AMP - Amphetamine (1000ng/ml). OPI - Opiates (2000ng/ml). MDMA - Ecstasy (500ng/ml). PCP - Phencyclidine (25ng/ml). TCA - Tricyclic antidepressants (1000ng/ml). BAR - Barbiturates (300ng/ml). BZD - Benzodiazepines (300ng/ml). MAD - Methadone (300ng/ml). OXY - Oxycodone (1000ng/ml). 7 Illicit drugs. 5 Prescription drugs. Quality guaranteed or your money back. Manufactured in the USA. Drug Screen Test™ 12. One step onsite. Package includes 1 self-contained urinalysis test cup with any combination of the following test strips for the simultaneous direction of the following drugs of abuse. © 2017 Ahold Licensing Sarl.

Keep sealed until ready to use. Drug screen test does not require any handling or manipulation to activate the test. Just dispense urine into cup and read results in only 5 minutes. Test procedure: 1. Urinate into cup, filling the cup with urine above the minimum level line. 2. Stand the cup upright on a solid surface. 3. Wait 5 minutes. 4. Read results. 5. After test results are confirmed please dispose of the entire cup. Negative: Two lines indicate a negative result. Positive: One line indicates a positive result. Retest: No line requires a retest. See instructions inside for more details about reading results. Directions for use: 1. Insert into the test cup and replace cap. 2. Wait 5 minutes before reading results. 3. If positive, send to laboratory for analysis. This drug test cup provides preliminary test results. A more specific chemical method (such as GC/MC) should be used to confirm the results. Please note: This is only a preliminary home drug testing kit for instant results. For confirming results, check with your family physician or health care professional.

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