Clinere Earwax Cleaners

Clinere Earwax Cleaners

10 ct pkg


Earwax Cleaners.


Note: Read Instructions before Use! Never go beyond the stop-line indicated in drawing above. The area beyond the stop-line is for physician care only! Warning: Do not enter the ear canal beyond the indicated stop-line in the illustration! Use carefully! People with sensitive ears should use caution! As with all common cotton swab-like products, observe the following: If a present ear condition exists do not use this or any other like product and seek medical attention! (use of this or any other like product may aggravate a present condition!) Use alone to prevent injury by accidental bumping from others! Use only in a secure-safe non-moving environment! Do not use in one's nose! Not for use by children! If pain or discomfort results. Discontinue use! Misuse of this or any cotton swab-like product could cause serious injury which could include pain, infection or loss of hearing! Use only as directed! It is recommended by clinere that these ear cleaners or any other like ear cleaners should be disposed of after each use to eliminate the chance of injury or infection due to poor or improper cleaning by the user. Keep out of reach of children!


No.1 selling earwax tool! Flexible plastic. Removes wax. Itch relief. Exfoliates. Works instantly. Clinere - Products that work! Cotton swabs could never do what these do! Clinere makes the no.1 Selling Earwax Removal & Cleaning Tool on the Market!!! (Per Nielsen July 2017 Retail Data). What the Ear Process Does: Our bodies produce earwax cerumen near the entrance to the ear canal in order to protect the inner ear from dust, debris and particulate. This wax is then migrated out of the ear canal by a body process. What Clinere Ear Cleaners Can Do: Each Clinere Ear Cleaner is an Ear Management Tool. Has a flexible scoop & fin end that helps remove wax and debris. Helps provide relief from ear itching. Helps exfoliate hard to reach dry-skin areas of the outer ear. Did You Know: Earwax is produced near the entrance of the ear canal, known as the Outer Ear Canal. The use of cotton swabs as an ear cleaner can smear wax and debris back into the ear. Work environments that include Dust & Dirt can promote debris build up in our ears. Sound protection foam ear plugs can push wax back into the ear. The use of ear plug type In-Ear Hearing Buds like those used with Mobile Listening Devices can cause wax to be pushed back into the ear. For Hearing Aid Users; Hearing Aids Fail 70% of the time due to earwax. 9 in box & 1 on card.

Directions: For cleaning the entrance only to the ear canal and the outer ear! Do not enter the ear canal beyond the indicated stop-line in the illustration! When using clinere ear cleaners for the first time, use them lightly & as softly as possible until familiar with their use! Use the scoop end to gently scoop earwax or ear debris from the entrance only to the ear canal and the outer surfaces of the ear! The opposite finned end can be used to scrape clean and exfoliate the outer skin surfaces of the ear & when needed deliver relief from ear itching! For an added feeling of comfort dip in warm water before use! Note: Even though this product has been designed to be more flexible than the common cotton swab, directions and warnings must be observed! See instructions on back before use!

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