CareOne Eye Glass Lens Cleaner Aerosol (Travel Size)

CareOne Eye Glass Lens Cleaner Aerosol (Travel Size)

2 oz btl


Water, Isopropyl Alcohol And Surfactants.


Warning: Product solution contains isopropyl alcohol. Harmful if swallowed. Not for use with contact lenses. Avoid all direct contact with eyes. Check with your optician before using this product on anti-reflective or coated lenses. Not for use on plasma or LCD screens. Keep out of reach of children.


For glass or plastic lenses. Anti-fog. Anti-static. Quality guaranteed or your money back. For product questions or concerns, contact us at 1-877-846-9949.

Lightly clean lenses with soft cloth or tissue to prevent debris damage on the lens. Spray both sides of the lens and wipe. After wiping the lens use a dry, soft and clean cloth to dry and complete cleaning.

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