Poise Pads Ultra Thin Ultimate Long Length

Poise Pads Ultra Thin Ultimate Long Length

26 ct pkg


Caution: Bladder control conditions may be medically treated. Consult your physician for professional advice.Discard in trash. Do not flush.


Our most comfortable protection. 3-in-1 Bladder Protection: odor control; dryness; comfort. For day or night. Trusted 3-in-1 protection. 50% Thinner (Vs. Poise original ultimate). 1 Comfort: Thin-flex design to hold its shape. 2. Dryness: Leak-bloc sides for outstanding dryness & protection. 3. Odor Control: Absorb-loc core quickly locks away wetness and odor. Individually wrapped. 1-800-340-3102 Consumer services. Love Poise products? Leave a review at poise.com. Discard in trash.

Do not flush. Absorbency Guide: Poise Liners: 1: lightest; drips. 2: very light; spurts. Poise Pads: Your Product: 3: light; bursts. 4: moderate; surges. 5: maximum; streams. 6: ultimate; gushes.

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