L. Cotton Tampons Regular + Super Organic

L. Cotton Tampons Regular + Super Organic

30 ct pkg

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Materials: Tampon Made Of 100% GOTS Certified TCF Organic Cotton. Applicator Made Of Plastic.


Attention: Tampons are associated with toxic shock syndrome (TSS). TSS is a rare but serious disease that may cause death. Please read and save the enclosed information.


20 regular + 10 super. GOTS: Global Organic Textile Standard. Organic Certified by OTCO. With BPA-free plastic applicators. No rayon, chlorine bleaching or synthetic pesticides. Because - options. By women for women. No exhausted cliches. Just the quality you expect & the authenticity you deserve. Thanks for helping a girl out. We'd love to hear from you! support(at)thisisL.com; 1 (888) 574-9646. Certified B Corporation. In many countries around the world, girls miss school due to a lack of access to pads to girls who need them. By supporting organizations and female entrepreneurs who make and donate pads to their communities and strengthen the power of women's collective action for lasting change. Because it's not just what you give, it's how you give. Every L purchase supports women as agents of change. Learn more at thisisL.com. Cruelty-free.

Direction for Use Enclosed: Tampons come in standardized industry-made absorbencies. Use the chart for comparing absorbencies of all industry products. The risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) increases your risk of TSS. You should use the lowest absorbency that meets your needs. Use for 8 hours maximum. Ranges of Absorbency in Grams: 6 and under; Absorbency: Light absorbency; Ranges of Absorbency in Grams: 6 to 9; Absorbency: Regular absorbency; Ranges of Absorbency in Grams: 9 to 12; Absorbency: Super absorbency;Ranges of Absorbency in Grams: 12 to 15; Absorbency: Super plus absorbency; Ranges of Absorbency in Grams: 15 to 18; Absorbency: Ultra absorbency. Do not flush.

Country of Origin

Made In USA With Domestic And Imported Materials.