Compound W NitroFreeze Wart Treatment

Compound W NitroFreeze Wart Treatment

5 ct pkg


Contents: Nitrous Oxide.


Caution: Do not use Compound W NitroFreeze: If you do not hear the 'hissing' sound during activation (release of gas), and/or; if the 'hissing' sound continues after activation, and/or; if the foam tip does not become cold after activation (the tip should have a frosty appearance). If one or more of the above mentioned conditions occur, the device may not be functioning properly. Failure of the device may lead to injury or insufficient/incomplete treatment. Do not reuse the disposable foam applicator tips. Do not treat each wart with this product more than three times in total. Consult your doctor if three treatments have not led to improvement.Tamper Evident: Do not use if seals on carton are broken or missing. Danger - Content under pressure. Never pierce or burn, even after use - the device is under high pressure and cannot be opened. Protect from sunlight and do not expose to temperatures above 50 degrees C (120 degrees F) before first use or 35 degrees C (95 degrees F) after first use; exposure to temperatures above 35 degrees C (95 degrees F) after first use will activate a safety feature that disables the device permanently. Store at room temperature away from heat. Nitrous oxide is a non-flammable gas, but it will support combustion in case of fire. Keep away from flames or materials that burn easily. Do not smoke or use near an open flame. Do not inhale nitrous oxide - symptoms can include feeling dizzy or confused and headache. Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not inhale vapor/spray and use only in well-ventilated areas. Do not swallow. For external use only. Use this product only if you are sure that the skin condition is a wart. If you are not sure, consult your doctor. Do not use if you cannot see clearly to read the information on the container or information leaflet. Do not use if you cannot clearly see the wart you are treating. Use only as directed. If this product is not used exactly as instructed or if you mistakenly use it on conditions that are not warts, it may cause serious burns (frostbite) and permanent scarring on the skin.


Nitrous oxide treatment. No.1 Dermatologist & pharmacist. Recommended brand. Highest cure rate with 1 treatment (Based on clinical data comparing NitroFreeze to Compound W Freeze Off and Freeze Off Advanced). Penetrates deep to kill virus in wart. The first non-prescription nitrous oxide. Wart treatment. Read all labels and entire leaflet before use. Keep for reference. Compound W NitroFreeze is safe and easy to use! Compound W NitroFreeze is suitable for the removal of common warts and the removal of plantar warts o the bottom of the root (read this side panel and information leaflet carefully for warnings and cautions) on adults and children over the age of four. Wart Identification Guide: Common Wart. Common warts are skin-colored, usually appear on the hands and feet, and are easily recognized by the rough 'cauliflower-like' appearance of the surface. Plantar Wart. Plantar warts are recognized by their location only on the bottom of the foot, their tenderness, and their interruption of the footprint pattern. Before all labels and entire information leaflet before use. Keep for reference. The first nitrous oxide wart treatment available over-the-counter. Instruction Video. Watch the How-To Video (at) Questions? 1-800-443-4908.

Stop: Do not remove the cap from the pen until step 3. Step 1: Prepare (first use only) do note remove cap. Read insert to confirm application time based on the size and location of the wart. Forcefully turn the white pen on full turn in the direction of the arrow until you hear a click. You do not need to repeat this step ever again. Step 2: Activate For plantar warts: Soak foot for 5 minutes in warm water. File the wart down with a pumice stone or pumice file before treating wart. Place NitroFreeze upright on table with the clear cap down. Hold the clear plastic cap with a steady grip. With the other hand, push the white pen downwards continuously for exactly 2 seconds once hissing starts. Pushing longer will waste useful treatments. Pushing for shorter will reduce the freeze effect. Step 3: Remove cap remove cap. The applicator tip should have a frosty appearance. Use pen immediately. If there is no frosty appearance, repeat step 2. Step 4: Treat immediately press the tip firmly against the wart. Maximum 20 seconds on hands, fingers and arms. Maximum 40 seconds on feet. The wart will fall off within 10-14 days. If not , repeat steps 2, 3 and 4. Compound W NitroFreeze contains 1 NitroFreeze Pen and 5 hygienic replacement tips. The NitroFreeze Pen will expire 6 weeks after first actuation.

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Belgium,Made In Belgium.


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