Profoot Womens Insoles Stress Relief Size 6-10

Profoot Womens Insoles Stress Relief Size 6-10

1 pair


Sore feet, tried legs? Feel the difference with your first step! 2x Lighter than other insoles (vs. typical gel insoles). The stress ball for your feet! Squeeze me! The most comfortable insole you'll ever wear! Actively reduce stress and fatigue with every step you take on pressure-relieving SR technology. These lightweight insoles act like a stress ball for your feet by sending soothing sensations through the body triggering a relaxed state for ultimate comfort and all-day relief. Feel the relaxation with every step! Lightweight SR foam sends relaxation messages through the entire body. Walking on stress ball material can help rehabilitate foot muscles weakened by overuse or injuries.

Directions: Test for fit. If needed, use trimming guide on underside of each insole for custom fit. May be used in place of existing insoles.

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