Grin Double Twice The Clean Flosspyx Minty

Grin Double Twice The Clean Flosspyx Minty

75 ct pkg


Caution: Adult supervision recommended under age 10.Warnings: Do not use if sealed bag has been open or torn.


Twice the clean. What's great about Grin. An alternative to 100% plastic. Longer floss wraps around tooth for a spool-floss like clean. Earth lovin' made of a proprietary blend of corn starch and plastic. Two lines of super strong floss traps food and plaque - gotcha! Safe fold-back pick we want to protect you as much as we do the planet. (hashtag)allsmiles. Instagram. Facebook. (at)grinoralcare.

Country of Origin

Designed In The USA. Manufactured In P.R.C.


Grin Oral Care