GUM Professional Clean Plus Flosser Picks

GUM Professional Clean Plus Flosser Picks

60 ct pkg


New. Extra strong floss. Fresh deep clean. Non-slip rubber grip provides extra control. Pick gently massages as it cleans. Recommended by dental professionals. Specially designed rubber pick massages gums while gently removing debris. Rubber grip to handle maneuvers to hard-to-reach places. Effectively removes plaque and food particles. 1. Floss spreads out on contact to clean more surface area. 2. Longer handle to access hard-to-reach areas. 3. Ergonomically designed for greater comfort and control. 4. Non-slip rubber grip. 5. Specially designed rubber pick end with ridges to help grab and remove plaque. or call: 1-888-777-3101.

Directions: 1. Place flosser between teeth. 2. Curve floss around the side of the tooth, slide floss up and down against the tooth to clean above and below the gumline. 3. Repeat this process for each tooth.

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Sunstar Americas, Inc.