CareOne Vital Health Power Oral Care Kit

CareOne Vital Health Power Oral Care Kit

1 ct pkg


Oral Care Kit.


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Dual motion power toothbrush plus interdental tool for a deep clean. Brushing. Flossing. Interdental care. 10 Oral Care Benefits - Kit helps to: 1. Remove plaque. 2. Reduce gingivitis. 3. Reduce tooth decay. 4. Prevent gum disease. 5. Remove particles between teeth. 6. Remove surface stains. 7. Clean along the gum line. 8. Clean below the gum line. 9. Reach hard-to-reach to areas. 10. Stimulate and strengthen gums. 2 AA batteries included. 1 Handle, 3 brush heads, 1 interdenal power arm, 1 gum stimulator, 2 sulcus tips, 21 floss heads. Special Cleaning Tools: Help remove plaque; Ideal for braces bridges and crowns. 1. Dual Motion Cleaning Power - This dual motion brush head has a top oscillating brush section that surrounds each tooth to thoroughly clean and brush your teeth. The bottom bristles move back and forth to help break up plaque and clean between teeth. 2. Replaceable Brush Head - Includes 3 dual motion brush heads. 3. Comfort Grips - Easy to hold design for comfort and control. 4. Easy to use On/Off buttons. 5. Battery Powered - 2 Replaceable AA batteries included. 6. Interdental Power Arm - Use for interdental accessory tools. 7. Floss Heads - To gently clean between the teeth and below the gum line. Includes 21 floss heads. 8. Sulcus Tips - Designed to access between teeth and along the gum line to remove plaque and help stop the gums from bleeding. Ideal for cleaning around crowns, bridges, braces and implants. 9. Gum Stimulator - Designed to firm and strengthen gums. Not intended for children age 3 and under. Quality guaranteed or your money back. For product questions or concerns, contact us at 1-877-846-9949.

Operating Instructions: Power Brush: Press On (+) and Off (-) buttons to turn brush on and off. Brush your teeth as you normally would. Rinse bristles after each use. Dentists recommend replacing brush head every 3 months for optimal brushing performance. Interdental Floss and Care Accessories: Remove the brush head from toothbrush handle. Locate the interdental power arm. Grasp the collar at the bottom of the arm and slide down to unlock the accessory opening. Insert your desired accessory into the arm opening and slide the collar up. With the accessory locked into place, insert the power arm into the toothbrush handle and turn on. Turn toothbrush off to change accessories. Replace floss head after each use. Replaceable Batteries: To access battery compartment, firmly grasp the bottom cap of the handle and pull away to remove. Replace with 2 AA alkaline batteries only and observe proper polarity as indicated inside battery compartment. Do not mix old and new batteries. Replace only with AA alkaline batteries. Remove exhausted batteries from the toothbrush immediately. Remove the batteries from product during prolonged periods of non-use. Dispose of batteries safely. Do not attempt to burn them. Use collection points where available.

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