Oral-B Clic Manual Toothbrush

Oral-B Clic Manual Toothbrush

1 ct pkg


Not intended for children 3 years and under.


Contains 1 manual toothbrush. 1 magnetic brush holder. Prior to each use, ensure the brush head fits well discontinue toothbrush use if brush head no longer fits property.. Never use a damaged brush head To ensure sate use and functional life of the toothbrush, clean brush head by rinsing for several seconds under running water. To apply the magnetic brush holder. 1) Clean and dry the surface; 2) Remove the protective paper from the adhesive strip and press the holder to the surface for 10 sec. The adhesive strip will not work on dirt-repellent surfaces. High-tech brush head for advanced cleaning. Next Gen Crisscross technology. X-filament technology. Magnetic brush holder. Display anywhere in your bathroom. Premium metalized materials. Make it a long-lasting handle. For more oral care information visit: www.oralbclic.com or call 1-800-56-ORALB (1-800-566-7252).

Replace brush every 3 months.

Country of Origin

Designed In Germany. Brush Heads Made In Germany. Brush Handle And Magnetic Holder Made In China.