MaxHeat Therapuetic Relief 3 Power Heat Settings Large Heating Pad

MaxHeat Therapuetic Relief 3 Power Heat Settings Large Heating Pad

1 ct pkg


During use, do not sit on or against, or lie on, sleep with, fold or crush the pad. Not for use with infants. Do not use with ointments or salves. Check skin frequently. Additional important safety warnings inside box.


MaxHeat. Therapeutic relief. By SoftHeat®. Fast relief. Soothing therapy. Moist heat. Maximum heat for optimal therapy. 3 power heat settings. Control your therapy. Moist heat. 60 minute auto-off. Machine washable cover. 12" x 15" large size pad. Heating pad. Limited 3 year warranty. Soothing heat therapy: Relaxes muscles and relieves joint pain and soreness. Increases blood flow to the injury area and helps accelerate healing. Warms and loosens stiff muscles before exercise. Aquifer®. Timed-release moisture. Timed-release moisture technology provides deeper heat penetration than dry heat alone. Moist heat is physician recommended. SmartHeat® technology. Maximum therapeutic heat range. Room temp. Maximum therapeutic heat. Standard electric heating pad. Provides consistent heat in the recommended therapeutic range. Eliminates spikes and maintains a more comfortable even heat. Questions? Comments? Call toll-free: 1-800-477-0457 or e-mail us: [email protected] Menstrual pain relief. Muscle ache relief. Arthritis pain relief. Cover. Aquifer. Pad. 9' cord. ©2013 Kaz USA, Inc. All rights reserved. C UL® US. Model HP215. 12" x 15". SoftHeat, SmartHeat and Aquifer are registered trademarks of Kaz, Inc. Actual color of cloth cover may vary from picture on package. Limited 3 year warranty.

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