BiC Hybrid 4 Flex 1 Blade and 4 Cartridges

BiC Hybrid 4 Flex 1 Blade and 4 Cartridges

5 ea pkg


Bic® Hybrid4™ Flex. 4 flexible blades for a closer shave. 4 blades. 1 handle. 4 cartridges. 4 flexible blades individually adjust to the contours of the skin, providing a smoother and closer shave. Weighted handle for greater control. Lubricating strip and pivoting head for better glide. A new handle and cartridges in every package provides added convenience. ©MMXIV Bic USA Inc. Bic performance policy (U.S. and Canada): if not fully satisfied, return to Bic for product replacement.

Click handle into cartridge keeping orange lube strip on top. Remove protector before use. Dispose of razor once all cartridges have been used and purchase another pack. Refills not sold separately.

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