Energizer Recharge AA/AAA Charger Value

Energizer Recharge AA/AAA Charger Value

1 ct pkg


See enclosed insert for warnings, safety and operating instructions.


1.2 V NIMH batteries. Charge Status Indicator: Charging. Charge Complete. bad Battery (pulse). Overcharge protection. Safety shut off. 1.2v NIMH batteries included. 4 AA 1300mah. Approx Charge Time: AA: 1300 mah, 5 hrs; AA: 2000 mah, 7 hrs; AA: 2300 mah, 9 hrs. AAA: 500 mah, 4 hrs; AAA: 700 mah, 5 hrs; AAA: 800 mah, 6 hrs. Charge 2 or 4 of any NIMH AA or AAA batteries. Energizer NIMH batteries recommended. World's no.1 rechargeable brand (Based on scan sales). Recycle 1-800-822-8831.

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