Smart Living Grounding Adapter Polarized

Smart Living Grounding Adapter Polarized

2 ct pkg


Risk of electrical shock. Grounding continuity must be maintained. Consult a qualified electrician to determine if cover plate screw is grounded Grounding protection will not exist if adapter is improperly connected. Always attach grounding tab to a grounded wall plate screw. Do not use with extension cords or ungrounded 2-slot outlets. Keep children away. Fully insert plug. Use indoors only. Do not use in wet locations. Risk of fire: Do not exceed electrical ratings.


Ahold™ Smart Living™ Polarized Grounding Adapter. Allows 3-prong cords to plug into 2-prong outlets. 15A/125V 1875W max. Current tap. Quality guaranteed or your money back. ©2013 UL LLC. ©2014 Ahold Licensing, Sarl.

This adapter permits the 3-prong plug of grounding cords to be connected to grounded 2-prong outlets for the continuation of grounding protection. Fasten the tab (A) under the metal wall plate mounting screw (B) to complete the grounding path. Before using determine if the wall plate screw is grounded by consulting your electrician.

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