Smart Living Firestarter (Single)

Smart Living Firestarter (Single)

7 oz pkg


Caution - risk of fire. Do not disturb or poke firestarter after lighting. Never leave children alone near a fire. Always use a fireplace screen. Never add volatiles to any fire. To extinguish use dry chemical fire extinguisher, sand or water. Do not use for cooking. Store away from children and pets. Not suitable for human or animal consumption.


Smart Living™ Firestarter. Lights wood fires fast. Net Wt 7 Oz (198g). Classified UL®. Processed solid fuel for use in listed factory-built fireplaces 64Y2. This firestarter is suitable for use in UL listed factory-built fireplaces. MH17513. Quality guaranteed or your money back. © 2015 Ahold Licensing Sarl.

Lighting instructions: 1. Open the fireplace damper before lighting firestarter. 2. Place a single piece of firewood at rear of fireplace grate. 3. Grasp wrapper at each end and pull outward gently. 4. Place firestarter about 1/2” in front of firewood. 5. Light where indicated by arrows. 6. Carefully place another piece of firewood in front of firestarter once fully aflame.


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