GE Energy Efficient Light Bulb Soft White 43 Watt (60 Watt)

GE Energy Efficient Light Bulb Soft White 43 Watt (60 Watt)

4 ct pkg


Follow this safety information to prevent personal injury or fire. Risk of fire and personal injury. The inner capsule is pressurized, operates at high temperature, and could unexpectedly shatter. If the bulb breaks, particles of extremely hot glass could be ejected. Keep combustible materials away from bulb. Use in fixture rated for this product. Do not exceed rated voltage. Do not use bulbs in vibrating applications (such as ceiling fans) or unstable conditions. In table lamp, use only with shade. Risk of electric shock. A damaged lamp emits UV radiation which may cause eye/skin injury. Turn power off before installation or removal. Do not use if outer glass bulb is scratched or broken, even if bulb continues to light. Remove and dispose of lamp. Caution: Risk of burn. Allow lamp to cool before handling. Lamp may shatter and cause injury if broken. Dispose of lamp in a closed container.


GE Soft White Light Bulbs 60W. Incandescent modified spectrum replacement*. Uses only 43W. 0.9 year life**. Brightness 620 lumens. Estimated energy cost $5.18 per year. Uses 28% less energy than 60W bulbs*. GE's best soft white incandescent line***. 4 bulbs. *Provides 620 lumens vs. 630 for 60w modified spectrum incandescent & 840 lumens for regular 60w. **Based on 3 hours use per day. ***GE's Best incandescent soft white line provides the light qualities you love, but uses less energy: Same size and shape fits traditional general use fixtures. Same warm, pleasing light. Same full dimmability. Uses 28% less energy*. Let GE show you what light can do: From light that lets you see every detail to light that helps you connect with family and friends, from vibrant to gentle - GE's new home lighting solutions make it easy to find the right light for your home. Subtle reassuring light. Cozy, relaxing light. Comfortable, inviting light. Fresh, energizing light. Strong vibrant light. Light facts - per bulb: Brightness - 620 lumens. Estimated yearly energy cost - $5.18. Based on 3 hrs/day, 11¢/kWh. Cost depends on rates and use. Life - 0.9 years. Based on 3 hrs/day. Light appearance. Warm - cool. 2750K - --. Energy used - 43 watts. 800-GE-LIGHT. Visit us on the internet...

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