Ja-Ru Party Popper Confetti Refills- 4 ct

Ja-Ru Party Popper Confetti Refills- 4 ct

1 ct pkg


Party™ Popper Refills. Age 8+. 24 shots! 6 confetti bursts each. Pop! Directions on back! Made in China. ®2011 JA-RU, Inc. 4 pcs. 4 x 7. Contents of caps less than 0.20 grains per cap. Pyrotechnic composition consists of potassium chlorate, red phosphorous sand, and glue.

1. Open lid on front of popper and insert the 6-shot cartridge so that the foam covered openings face out. Close lid so it latches in place. 2. Aim upwards in a safe direction and pull trigger. Confetti will shoot out with a "Pop!" Repeat as desired until all 6 cartridges have been fired.

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Ja-Ru Inc


Jacksonville, FL 32207