Ja-Ru Party Popper Confetti Bursts

Ja-Ru Party Popper Confetti Bursts

6 ct pkg


Choking hazard – Small parts. Not for children under 3 years. This product may be mistaken for a firearm by law enforcement officers or others, that altering the coloration or markings required by state or federal law or regulations so as to make the product look more like a firearm is dangerous, and may be a crime, and that brandishing or displaying the product in public may cause confusion and may be a crime. Do not use projectiles other than those supplied or recommended by the manufacturer. Caution: Do not fire near eyes or face. Do not fire near people or animals. Do not modify this toy or any of the included components. Use only under adult supervision.


Ja-Ru® Party™ Popper. Shoots confetti! Pop! 5x7. Age 8+. 2 Pc. 6 Confetti bursts. Great for: Celebrations weddings parties. Contents of caps less than 0.20 grains per cap. Pyrotechnic composition consists of potassium chlorate, red phosphorous sand, and glue. Conforms to the safety requirements of ASTM F963. Toy Industry Association, Inc. ©2016 Ja-Ru, Inc.

1. Open lid on front of popper and insert the 6-shot cartridge so that the foam covered openings face out. Close lid so it latches in place. 2. Aim upwards in a safe direction and pull trigger. Confetti will shoot out with a "Pop!" Repeat as desired until all 6 cartridges have been fired. Refill cartridges available separately. Safety rules: Never point or shoot at anyone. Do not fire closer than 1 ft. To ear. Hold party popper at arm's length when firing. Unload party popper when not in use. Store cartridges separately from party popper. Treat party popper with the respect due a loaded gun. Never carry cartridges in pocket as they may ignite and cause burn injuries. Do not remove cartridges from their package until moment of use. The selling of cartridges is permitted only in closed packages. use only under adult supervision.

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