Sylvania Halloween Series Mini Lights Indoor/Outdoor Purple

Sylvania Halloween Series Mini Lights Indoor/Outdoor Purple

50 ct box


Caution: To reduce the risk of fire and electric shock: Do not install on trees having needles, leaves or branch coverings of metal or material which look like metal. To reduce the risk and electrical shock: Do not mount or support strings in a manner that can cut or damage wire insulation. To reduce the risk of overheating, replace burned-out lamps promptly. Use 2.5 Volt, 0.425 Watt lamps only.Caution! If connecting to a lighting string that does not have a wattage (w) rating (found on the tag within 6 inches of the plug) calculate the wattage as follows: Multiply the current (_A) which is on the flag-tag by 120. For Example: Lighting string is rated 120v, 60 hz, 0.2 amps, 0.2 x 120 = 24 watts. Add the wattage of each light string together for a total of 216 Watts or less. (Do not exceed 216 watts).Very Important! Please read all cautions carefully to reduce the risk of fire and electrical shock. All cautions and directions are listed on the directions/safety sheet located inside this package. Please read and save these instructions before using this set. Important Safety Instructions: When using electrical products, basic precautions should always be followed including the following: (a) Read and follow all safety instructions. (b) Do not use seasonal products outdoors unless marked suitable for indoor and outdoor use. When products are used in outdoor application, connect the product to a Ground Fault Circuit interrupting (GFCI) outlet. If one is not provided, contact a qualified electrician for proper installation. (c) This seasonal use product is not intended for permanent installation or use. (d) Do not mount or place near gas or electric heaters, fireplace, candles or other similar sources of heat. (e) Do not secure the wiring of the product with staples or nails, or place on sharp hooks or nails. (f) Do not let lamps rest on the supply cord or on any wire. (g) Unplug the product when leaving the house, when retiring for the night, or if left unattended. (h) This is an electric product - not a toy! To avoid risk of fire, burns, personal injury and electric shock not be played with or placed where small children can reach it. (i) Do not use this product for other than its intended use. (j) Do not hand ornaments or other objects from cord, wire, or light string. k) Do not close doors or windows on the product or extension cords as this may damage the wire insulation. (l) Do not cover the product with cloth, paper or any material not part of the product when in use. (m) This product is equipped with push-in type lamps. Do not twist lamps. (n) This product employs overload protection (fuse). A blown fuse indicates and overload or short-circuit situation. If the fuse blows, unplug the product from the outlet. Also unplug any additional strings or products that may be attached to the product. Replace the fuse as per the user servicing instructions (follow product marking for proper fuse rating) and check the product. If the replacement fuse blows, a short-circuit may be present and the product should be discarded. (o) Read and follow all instructions that are on the product or provided with the product.


Connect up to 10 sets end to end. Lighted length 10.21 feet 3.1 m. Bulb spacing 2.5 inches 6.35 cm. Connect up to sets of this Sylvania lighting product.

Save These Instructions: Use and Care Instructions: (a) When the product is placed on a live tree, the tree should be well maintained and fresh. Do not place on live trees in which the needles are brown or break off easily. Keep the tree holder filled with water. (b) If the product is placed on a tree. the tree should be well secured and stable. (c) Before using or reusing, inspect product carefully. Discard any products that have cut, damaged, or frayed wire insulation or cords, cracks in the lampholders or enclosures, loose connections, or exposed copper wire. (d) When storing the product, carefully remove the product from wherever it is placed, including tree, branches, or bushes, to avoid any undue strain or stress or stress on the product conductors, connections, and wires. (e) When not in use, store neatly in a cool, dry location protected from sunlight. User Servicing Instructions: Replace the Lamp: Step (1) Grasp plug and remove from the receptacle or other outlet device. Do not unplug by pulling on cord. Step (2) Pull lamp and plastic base straight out of lampholder. Step 3. Replace lamp with only 2.5Volt, 0.425Watt, Super bright type lamp (provided with product). If the new lamp base does not fit in lampholder. Follow the steps below before step. 3. (a) Remove the base of burned out lamp by straightening lamp leads and gently pull lamp out. (b) Thread leads of new lamp through holes in old base with one lead in each hole. (c) After lamp is fully inserted into base.bend each lead other lamps in the light set so that the leads will touch the contacts inside the lampholder. Replace the Fuse: (a) Grasp plug and remove from the receptacle or other outlet device. Do not unplug by pulling on cord. (b) Open fuse cover, slide open fuse access cover on top of attachment plug towards blades. (c) Remove fuse carefully. d) Risk of fire. Replace fuse only with 3 amp, 125 volt fuse (provided with product). (e) Close fuse cover. Slide closed the fuse access cover on top of attachment plug. (f) Risk of fire. Do not replace attachment plug. Contains a safety device (fuse) bat should not be removed. Discard product if the attachment plug is damaged.

Country of Origin

Made In Cambodia.


Inliten LLC