Majestic Chef Cheese Cloth

Majestic Chef Cheese Cloth

1 ct pkg


100% Cotton.


Majestic Chef Cheese Cloth. Used by professional chefs for over 40 years. 100% Cotton. Lint free. Hundreds of uses in the kitchen and around the home: Basting poultry. Poaching fish. Straining sauces. Polishing. Cleaning. Chef grade cheesecloth. Hundreds of uses: Cooking: Steaming, canning, making cheese and yogurt, draining spinach, poaching seafood. Cleaning: Polishing silver, washing windows and mirrors, auto detailing. Around the home: Art projects, protecting plants and shrubs, refinishing furniture, faux finishes. Succulent turkey made simple with Majestic Chef Cheesecloth™. Packaged and inspected in the USA.

1. After removing giblet package, clean turkey thoroughly inside and out with cold water. 2. If desired, place Regency Turkey Stuffing Bag™ in cavity of turkey and spoon in stuffing. 3. Insert Steel Lacers across cavity to close and secure with Regency Cooking Twine™. 4. Brush turkey all over with oil or melted butter and season according to recipe. 5. Saturate large square of Majestic Chef Cheesecloth™ in butter or oil and place over breast and thighs. 6. Baste turkey right over cheesecloth with pan drippings once every hour. Remove cheesecloth for last 45 minutes of baking to brown. 7. Cook on minimum 325° for 20-30 minutes per pound or until meat thermometer reads 170° for breast meat, 180° for dark meat and 165° for stuffing inside turkey.

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