Coshell Charcoal Eco-Grill Disposable

Coshell Charcoal Eco-Grill Disposable

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Carbon monoxide hazard: Burning charcoal inside can kill you. It gives off carbon monixide, which has no odor. Never burn charcoal inside homes, vehicles or tents. Your grill is for outdoor use only. Do not place grill on glass, wood or other combustible surfaces during cooking use. For your safety operate grill in a well ventilated area. Never operate in an enclosed space such as a garage, building, or under a overhead construction. Grill must be kept at a distance of 36" from any building to ensure that there is no fire or melting of materials from building. Do not use grill near compbusible materials. Never handle grill while in use. Do not allow children to operate or play near grill. Use care to avoid bum hazard from possible grease flare up. Do not expose any part of your body directly above cooking area. Failure to follow all instructions and warnings could result in serious injury and/or property damage. California proposition 65 warning: Combustion (burning) of this product, like other cooking methods, produces carbon monoxide and other substances known by the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm.


Coshell® Charcoal Eco-Grill Disposable. All in one disposable grill. Great charbroil flavor. Lights with one match. Burns for 2 hours. Natural BBQ taste. No added coconut flavor. Coshell® is made from 100% coconut shells. Coshell® charcoal burns cleaner, hotter & longer. No harmful additives. Petroleum free. Go green. No trees are harmed in creating this product. Recycle used grill. 100% Natural. No trees harmed to produce Coshell charcoal. ECO & ozone friendly. Why Coshell eco-grill? Coshell coconut charcoal is petroleum & nitrate free. No lighter fluid needed. Coshell charcoal contains no harmful ingredients commonly found in most charcoal briquets such as char dust, limestone and treated sawdust. Coshell charcoal emits less carbon emmissions, burns longer and hotter than wood based charcoals because coconut shells are a harder substance. Coshell charcoal helps clean up the environment by recycling coconut shell waste. Coshell charcoal is eco-friendly, using 100% coconut shells and a vegetable binder. Great for: patios, picnics, outdoor parties, camping, and emergencies. Thank you... for choosing our environmentally sensible charcoal. We appreciate your patronage and your satisfaction is important to us. For questions or comments, please visit our website at

1. Remove and discard labels and packaging surrounding aluminum pan. 2. Evenly spread charcoal in pan by shaking side to side. 3. Place the aluminum pan on a level surface that is will not be damaged by heat. 4. With the BBQ grid in place, light the four corners of the bag through the BBQ grid. 5. Allow flames to diminish for approximately 15-20 minutes. 6. For safety and precaution use long handled tongs, forks and spatulas. 7. When done extinguish burning charcoal by covering it with sand or soil or water. 8. Dispose recycleable grill.

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