PIC Humane Catch & Release Mouse Traps

PIC Humane Catch & Release Mouse Traps

2 ct pkg


Caution: Keep out of reach of children and domestic animals.


PicĀ® Mouse Traps Humane Catch & Release. No springs. No snaps. No hurt fingers! Pest free living. Catches. Reusable. Two doors - enter from either side. Dependable insect and rodent control since 1953. Contents: 2 mouse traps. Easy to bait and set.

Raise curved door(s) and place a small amount of chocolate, cheese, or peanut butter inside toward center of trap. Set trap on smooth surface and raise both doors on each end to the highest position. Push the set bar to hold the two doors open. The doors will now be held in the open position enabling a mouse to enter from either direction. Place trap along wall or where mouse activity has been seen. When the mouse enters the trap, both doors will close securely trapping the mouse. The mouse may be released of in a humane manner by holding one door shut and opening the other door to release the mouse.

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