Ja-Ru Sidewalk Chalk Jumbo

Ja-Ru Sidewalk Chalk Jumbo

20 ct box


20 stix. Sidewalk games. Target toss. Draw diagram. Stand at least 2 feet from outer circle and toss stones or coins at the target. If stones land on a line no point is scored. Keep score for each player to reach 500 points wins. Toss madness. Draw diagram. Toss stones at target. If stones land on lines, no points are scored. Keep score for each player. If stone lands in outer box, subtract 5 points. First to reach 200 points wins. Hopscotch. Draw diagram. Throw stone from start into space no. 1. Hop onto spaces 2 & 3, scoop up stone and continue to no. 10 hopping all the way up then back. Repeat for all numbers. To win, hop through all 10 spaces without falling or stopping. Where will your chalk take you? Bam. Age 4+.

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