Life + Gear LED Mini Flashlight

Life + Gear LED Mini Flashlight

1 ct pkg


LED Mini Flashlight.


Life + Gear® LED Mini Flashlight. Twist on/off. Child safe battery key. Batteries included. FL 1 standard. 8 Lumens. Features: 1.5" LED key chain flashlight. Batteries included: 4 X LR41 (1.5V). Battery key for battery replacement. Perfect size for: Key chain. Travel. Purse. Briefcase. Car. Backpack. For ages 3 and up. Part # LG14-10020-SA5. Designed in California. Life+Gear® is a registered trademark of Life+Gear® Inc. Visit:

Battery Key Use: Unscrew to remove. Turn key battery key left to open. 4 X LR41 + side down.

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