Scotch Fasteners Indoor White

Scotch Fasteners Indoor White

12 ea pkg


This is a permanent tape and may cause damage if removed. Do not use on delicate or curved surfaces, or areas where injury might occur if mounted object fell. Ensure that surface is strong enough to hold mounted object. Entire tape surface must adhere completely to both sides.


Scotch™ Fasteners Indoor White. Holds 3 LB. 0.875 IN X 0.875 IN. 2,22 cm X 2,22 cm White. 1000s of closures. 3M Adhesive technology. Ideal for most surfaces: Finished & painted surfaces. Metals. Acrylic & hard plastics. Other hard & smooth surfaces. To hold ... Use: 1 LB ... 1 Set. 0.45 kg ... 1 Juego / Ensemble. 3M, Scotch and the plaid design are trademarks of 3M. Used under license in Canada. All rights reserved. Question or comments? Call toll-free 1-800-3M-HELPS, in Canada, call 1 800 364-3577. © 2016, 3M.

Application temperature 50F-100F (10C-37C). 1. Clean and dry surface. 2. Connect fasteners. 3. Remove one liner & press on object firmly for 30 sec. 4. Remove other liner and press object firmly for 30 sec.




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