Items 4 U ! Flick-Ball Tabletop Football

Items 4 U ! Flick-Ball Tabletop Football

1 ct pkg


Choking hazard - small parts. For ages 3 and up.


Items 4 U ! Flick-Ball Tabletop Football. 3+ ages. Playing field included. LaMi. Challenge your friends! Who can flick the longest field goal? Contents: 4 piece goal post. 1 rubber tabletop football. 1 playing field. Game ideas! Best of 5: 1. Flip the football like a coin and choose a side. Laces up goes first. 2. First player flicks from the 10-yard line and the second player goes after. 3. Continue taking turns from the 20, 30, 40 and 50 yard lines. 4. Whoever completes the most field goals out of 5 wins the game. F-L-I-C-K: 1. Flip the football to decide who goes first. 2. The winner of the toss chooses where to flick from. 3. If successful, the second player must complete a flick from the same spot. If the second player misses this flick they get a letter ("F"). 4. If the first player misses their flick. The second player gets to choose where to flick from and the first player must match their flick if it is successful. 5. Continue going back and forth until one player has collected every letter "F-L-I-C-K". That player loses the game. Or make up your own games! Playing field inside.

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Items 4 U !


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