Ja-Ru Unicorn Putty

Ja-Ru Unicorn Putty

1 ct box


Ja-Ru® Unicorn Putty. One Love™. Oh, but it is all rainbows & unicorns. Glitter charmed ooze. One wand. One wish. One world. Ages 4+. 1 Pc 5x7. Net Wt: 35 g (1.23 oz). We are unique we are one. Hello! I am grateful for you have revealed the crystal treasure that had me frozen in time! I come from a charmed land and the wand on my forehead can light up skies with colors of harmony by spreading love and magic all around if anyone asks, tell them it’s so everything actually is rainbow and unicorns. 3 Colors. Glitter charmed ooze. Conforms to the safety requirements of ASTM F963. Toy Industry Association, Inc. © 2016 Ja-Ru®, Inc.

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