Guillow's Airplane with Landing Gear

Guillow's Airplane with Landing Gear

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High flying excitement. Made from natural balsa wood. Guillow's flying novelties. No.51. Rubber powered Airplane. Balsa flies better. CE listed.

Assembly Instructions: 1. Slip Wire Landing Gear into grooved slots inside Plastic Nose Bearing. 2. Slip plastic nose bearing over front end of Motor Stick. Rudder and canopy slots should be face up! 3. After carefully pressing Stabilizer, Rudder and Canopy from die-cut balsa sheet, slip them into slots in motor stick. 4. Insert Wing tip into slot in motor stick and carefully pull thru until centered. 5. Hook up Rubber Motor Band to wire hooks. Flight Instructions: 1. Remove stabilizer and attach tissue Tail Streamer. 2. Wind propeller clock-wise until motor band tightens but do not break. Suggestion: a drop of light oil on propeller shaft and bearing points will reduce friction. 3. Holding airplane level, launch it gently forward releasing propeller tip and motor stick at the same time. Properly adjusted, the airplane should climb and fly to right or left. Observe flight action to determine if any airplane adjustments needed. When launching, always face any breeze blowing - do not attempt to fly in a strong wind. Flight Corrections: Do not bend or warp flying surfaces! 1. If airplane dives to left, pull wing slightly to left. If it dives to right, pull wing to right. 2. If airplane climbs and stalls, move wing back slightly in wing slot. If it flies nose down into ground, move wing forward.