Ja-Ru Magic Grow Mega Grow

Ja-Ru Magic Grow Mega Grow

1 ct pkg


Ja-Ru® Magic grow ™ mega grow. Directions on back. Age 4+ Wow grows 600% After water. Before water… 1 PC . D 5 × 7. 6 Styles collect 'em all! 126097 Toy Industry Association, Inc. Comforts to the safety requirement of ASTM F963.

Place mega grow animal in a large container full of cool water. Leave animal in water for at least 72 hours (3 days). Animal will continue to grow for 1 week if left in water. A container that is too small will inhibit animals growth. Animal can grow up to 600%. The animal will very slowly shrink back to original size when it is removed from the water. Use over & over! Do not use warm or hot water.


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