Duncan Outdoor Boomerang

Duncan Outdoor Boomerang

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Not suitable for children under 3 years.


The original. World's no.1. Flight range 50-70 feet. Flights accurately return. When tuned and thrown correctly, your Outdoor Boomerang will fly an approximate 50ft-70ft circle and come right back at you! Ages 6+.

Pre-flight Tuning: 1A: Hold the center of your bommerang between your thumb & index finger, then bend each of the 3 wings upward slightly. The foam will stay bent upwards. 1B: Slightly twist wings left to shorten the flight or the first few throws, until you get the hang of it. Don't twist too much, or it won't fly. Twist the wing tips as shown. Twist wings opposite to shown if left handed. 2: Direction of Throw: Throw the boomerang 45 degrees to the right of the wind. Left handed throwers, throw opposite side to the picture. 3. Throw Angle: Throw the boomerang slightly over vertical. Never throw it flat (like a flying disc). The more tilt you give the boomerang, the more lift you get of flight. Weaker throwers should throw flatter. Left handed throwers, tilt opposite way from shown. 4: How to Throw: Launch with a snap of the wrist and give the boomerang as much as spin as possible. Throw towards the horizon, or just above. 5: Flight Tuning: Bend wings down for lower flight. Bend wings up for high hovering flight. Twist wings tips for smaller flight circle. Trick Catching: Behind the back! On the head! Under the leg! Safety Rules: Throw only in a very large, clear space free of people, vehicles, overhead cables, buildings etc. Only one boomerang should be flying at a time. Catch the boomerang only when it is hovering. Use under the direct supervision of an adult. Do not aim at eyes or face. Do not throw in strong or gusting winds. The manufacturers and distributors accept no responsibility for the use or misuse of this product. Throwing Tips: 1: Keep it nearly vertical on launch. 2: Throw it hard and give the boomerang lots of spin. 3: Suitable for ourdoor use only. Throwing instruction on the back. Do not discard packaging. It contains important safety information.

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